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Stephanie the Baker

Hand-crafted fondant decor for cupcakes and cakes. It’s ART for your CAKES!

Heavenly Cupcakes has partnered with Stephanie Baker and now you can dress up your custom ordered cupcakes! As you can see here her artistic edible creations speak for themselves. See more at www.stephaniethebaker.com

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Always get a baker’s dozen for the price of a dozen!

  • Cupcakes are $3.06/each
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  • Bakers Dozen $32.72
  • Whoopie Pie Wednesday, Buy 3 Get 1 Free
  • Push Pop Thursday, BOGO 50% Off
  • Fun-Size Friday, $1 Minis

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Cupcakes in a Jar

Cake Jars: So twisted it’s delicious!

If you haven’t tried one of our cake jars yet, you need to!  Whether you Just Got Dumped or you’re on Cloud 9, we have a jar for you that is Mint to Be!  You will be screaming Gimme S’more once your tongue dives into Heaven & Hell.  Starting at $6.50 each, the jars are packed with delicious cake, icing, and toppings that will make you sing and dance and want Samoa!  And if you return the jar, you will receive 25% OFF your next cake jar order!  They keep for up to 10 days without refrigeration and we are shipping them nationwide! 

Yes, I Need This In My Life!

What’s New at Heavenly Cupcakes

Hey Cupcake!  What’s new?

Here at Heavenly Cupcakes, we like to get creative and have fun!  We’ve come up with hundreds of flavors over the years and introduced gluten-free, paleo, and vegan options, but there are plenty more still to be made!  Have a recipe you’d like us to make?  Bring it in or send it to us and we’ll be glad to give it a try!  Or maybe you have a favorite that we haven’t brought back in a while?  Let us know!  You can always place a special order in minimum quantities of a dozen.  Be sure to keep up with us and our weekly specials via facebook or our monthly newsletter!

Purely Paleo is back with a new look and a new shape!  With eight energy bites in a bag, Paleo Pete will be sure to keep you going throughout your day.  We expect our product to hit the shelves in April; please check out our new website for more information.

Cupcake of the Week

Chocolate Key Lime Twist


You know it, check out all the latest right here.

Cupcake of the Month


Push Pop Thursday!

We make push pops every Thursday available while supplies last. We also take orders for any day of the week.


Becky Hayden

Becky Hayden


Can it really be called work?

Can it really be called work?

Nicole Ludt

Nicole Ludt

Junior Baker